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Protect your child’s future with a life insurance policy through StartAssured today.

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It’s time to review your life insurance cover, if you’re a first time buyer.

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You can protect your loved ones with a life insurance policy through StartAssured.

 Getting life insurance cover from StartAssured is really simple! If you know how much cover you need and for how long then choose to Get Covered Online Now. 

Our purpose is to deliver competitively priced, low cost Life Insurance

Payable if you are diagnosed with less than twelve months to live, with Sums Assured of up to £600,000 either level or decreasing, for whatever your needs and circumstances, Personal, Family, or Mortgage Protection, simply and instantly. We chose market leader AIG as the preferred product Provider, as we share the same values.

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  • Spouse
  • Mortgage
  • Children
  • Other outstanding loans

There are different types of life insurance depending on your needs so it is important to establish what the outstanding liabilities will be for your family if you are no longer around to support them. Depending on the age of your children you may want to make sure that there’s enough for University fees, holidays, a child’s wedding, a first car and other activities that sit outside of your normal monthly expenditure.

  • If you have a mortgage, how much is outstanding?
  • How much would your family need to maintain their lifestyle without you there to provide for them?
  • Take into account your earnings and your outgoings such as your mortgage payments and utility bills. Think about childcare cost and consider what your family may need in the future such as a deposit on a first house.
  • The amount of cover you need is up to you but you’ll be surprised how it al adds up.

Think about how long is left on your mortgage and how long your children will be financially dependent on you? Consider how old your partner will be when they are likely to retire? This will help you decide how long you want your life cover to last.

That’s it! All pretty simple stuff.

  • What do I need to protect?
  • How much life cover do I need?
  • How long do I need it for?

Now you’re ready to find out more and get cover in less than 8 minutes then your family are protected instantly and you have piece of mind.

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Lump sum payable on death or terminal illness

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